03 February 2012

New overlocker :-)

Just went for a walk during my lunch break and bought a new overlocker - Janome 8002DX :-) My other one has been broken for a while and was a good excuse not to sew (it was over ten years old and bought second hand at the time). So.......no more excuses :-)

31 January 2012

Long time no see :-)

Well, it has been nearly twelve months since I have posted anything here - in line with not doing any projects since that time :-)

I had a lot of stuff happen in the 'real world' so haven't been doing much else. I am starting to feel motivated again and taking a new lease on life in general. I have lots of projects in the back of my mind but of course it's 'only two weeks to Festival' so I need to get cracking!

I have a family history project I am working on to get as much info together as possible before my dad goes to visit his brother on the 9th February. My uncle is very ill with cancer so this has to take priority!

I haven't made myself any new dresses for years so have decided that I need to re-focus and this may encourage me to do more :-) I have decided Cotehardie's are still my favourite (and my husband's) so I am going to make some new ones. I have been inspired by some pictures and websites and have a stack of beautiful buttons I bought at Festival last year that would be fantastic for sleeves! I also have some gorgeous brocade that I can use on the lower sleeves :-) First things first though, I need some chemises! Anyone have any good sources for easy to make chemises that will sit nicely under a cotehardie?

Coffee break over, back to work!

03 April 2011

Festival is only 2 weeks away!

Actually, it's about 2.5 weeks away but still scarily close! I am excited but nervous at the same time - it has been 3 years since our last visit, lots has changed but some things are still the same! LOL It will be the 5 of us plus Ranif and Johanna making up the Radburne contingency.

Both Conrad and Wolfstanus need to re-authorise and Wolfstanus can now authorise as an Archer, hope they are both successful! T is also thinking about fighting alongside Ranif - is taking his armour anyway. Will depend on mood/how things go if he fights or not. We decided to get the local saddler to make leather gorgets - still waiting on them but we have been promised they will be ready in time!

The new armour Terry has made looks awesome - can't wait to see them all kitted up! Gryffen still has ten months to go before he can authorise as a banner bearer so I plan to try and do lots of stuff with him so he doesn't get too bored ;-) Need to make sure I take the camera etc too! I still have some sewing to do but mum is helping so it is more manageable ;-) I haven't been well for about the last month so haven't been doing much - I spent all afternoon tracing patterns and cutting them out, need to get off my feet though for a bit as they are painful again. I don't want to jinx myself but at least this Festival won't be spent on crutches!

I think we will be better prepared for Festival this time around but I am still nervous about the whole thing - T is more involved with the SCA now so hopefully should be better. He enjoyed Spring War even though he didn't get to fight so I am more hopeful this time but don't want to get my hopes up too high - less chance of being disappointed then ;-)

T has also made a take down double bed (timber) which means no air mattress and no sleeping on the ground! Huzzah! The boys all have bigger tents too now they are older which will fit their stretchers and gear. We also have a common tent for the group so should be better.

So what is on the list for the next two weeks:
* Make cotehardie for T
* Make cloak for T
* Make cloak for me
* Make chemise for me (extra one)
* New shirt for Conrad and Wolfstanus (mum is doing those for me)
* Finish T's banner (if I get a chance)
* Pre-cooking for Festival (things that can be frozen such as soups/stews etc)

Not too bad, will keep me out of mischief anyway! Really looking forward to catching up with people! Looking forward to seeing who wins Autumn Crown too as they will be Royalty for November Crown which Radburne is hosting!

17 January 2011

Wow, it has been a long time!

Hmm, haven't been here for a while have I? I have completed the Italian Renaissance Dress, made several doublets, almost completed my husband's banner, made cotehardies.....I really should take some photos and put them up, along with my latest project!

30 March 2010

It's completed!

I have been meaning to post this here for a while - I finished Gryffen's banner about 1 month ago. It is actually bottle green and white although the photo doesn't show the colour up very well ;-) There is a combination of machine stitching (for some of the seams) but the rest is hand sewn. (The banner wasn't quite finished when I took this.)

18 January 2010

Gryffen's banner has been started

although I am struggling to get motivated I must admit. After a very hectic day at work today the brain just couldn't get switched on so I took the dogs for a walk instead in the beautiful, cool fresh air! Unusual for this time of year so I took advantage of it! The photos don't show it particularly well but the banner is dark green and white, not black and white as it looks. The lion's heads will have more detail sewn on as well. Princess decided to help pull the pins out!

12 January 2010

Not much to see here..........

Haven't really been doing any sewing or planning - too hot! Will try and get motivated again in a few weeks ;-)

Started cutting out a banner for Gryffen on the weekend but I got too hot and couldn't get motivated ;-)